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Unboxing the MetaFly! This small biomimetic bird, half drone, half radio controlled bird… Less than 10 grams and being able to fly at 20 km / h this small radio controlled bird can fly indoors and outdoors, discover it with this unboxing before a more detailed presentation.

You may not know this little radio-controlled bird, when it’s on the ground it looks like a robot and when it flies it looks like a bird, that’s biomimicry, and its code name is MeetaFly !

Despite its featherweight (if I may say so), with less than 10 grams on the scale, this RC model is nonetheless resistant but that we will see later during the tests …

boite metafly metafly packaging the metafly and its box

To find out in detail, I suggest you go directly to the page MetaFly of the site.

Unpacking the MetaFly

Let’s not waste time and open the box without further delay!

On the top we find the instructions and the accessories (wings, legs, rudder)

unboxing the metafly metafly unboxing

accessoires metafly metafly

just below you will see the small screwdriver for the assembly, the radio control, the end caps of the RC stics and additional screws.

metafly remote control accessoires metafly

As you can see the bird is not ready to fly, you have to assemble it but it is very simple, fast and well explained (it will make another article)

The unboxing video

I present to you in video the MetaFly and the other birds that I had already tested, then you will witness the unboxing of the bird live by discovering it at the same time as me.

More informations…

While waiting for the video and the article on the assembly of the MetaFly, here are some links if you want to get this bird.

And to buy it it happens on the official site: https://bionicbird.com/world/fr/shop/metafly

Or below directly from Amazon

thanks to Xtim for sending me the MetaFly and test !

metafly in the garden metafly lying in the grass metafly bird

Soon in test …

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