Tips For Flying A Drone For The First Time 12 Step Easy Guide

Flying a drone for the primary time could be overwhelming, difficult, and downright scary! So since you’ve made the funding into this unimaginable expertise there are some drone flying suggestions you should know earlier than you strive it. From which newbie drone to buy to the digital camera and even what drone rules to know, this text will assist you to study to fly earlier than you even take it out of the box!

12 Easy Tips for Flying a Drone
1. Start With a Small Drone
It’s important when learning how to fly a drone that you just start with a straightforward model. For us, that was the DJI Mini 2. While there are many cheaper firms DJI is understood within the industry as one of the best for its size and worth level.

Even though it’s one of the cheaper models, you must realize that buying a drone continues to be a big investment! The DJI Mini 2 is compact, lightweight, and simple to maneuver. Additionally, the size of your beginner drone will make it straightforward to move and carry in your bag.

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2. Practice Makes Perfect
This one ought to be obvious, but it’s worth saying anyway. Get some good practice in to study to fly a drone. That means don’t make your first time flying a drone over a large cliff or in the woods round a bunch of timber.

Drive to a big car parking zone with nobody round, or even better a grassy open area. This is not going to solely let you get a feel and follow your abilities, but it will prevent the embarrassment of flying a drone in public for the first time!

3. Look up Drone Rules & Restrictions
Unfortunately for new customers, there is plenty of drone guidelines, laws, and restrictions for flying a drone. One of the biggest no-no’s we are able to tell you proper off the top is don’t fly close to airports or military bases! The good news is the app you download in your telephone to use the drone ought to inform you if you’re in a no-fly zone.

4. What Country are you Flying in?
Also, sure international locations have completely different rules on drone usage together with the size/type you could be bringing in. For example, on our latest travels to Thailand drones have been allowed in however we had to buy insurance and fill out a prolonged form. Surprisingly, it took nearly three weeks to get our utility approved! Be positive to verify the drone guidelines and laws when you’re traveling.

5. Charge Everything Before Flying a Drone!
One thing we didn’t realize when studying to fly a drone was how briskly the batteries go. On average, I would say we only had about minutes of fly time with the DJI Mini II. That’s why it’s SO essential to have each piece charged. This means your further battery pack, controller, and the drone itself.

Drone Flying Tip: Buy multiple batteries and change them out to increase your flight time. We always journey with two!

6. Take-Off and Land on Flat Surfaces
One of essentially the most fundamental ideas for flying a drone is that you need to begin on a totally flat surface. In reality, your drone won’t even take off until you do so! The purpose being is that the wings have to be unimpeded as they’re very fragile.

Some of the best drone shots come from hard-to-reach places on mountain tops and seashores. Do your best to find any patch of concrete or tree stump to take off from when you first study to fly a drone.

We even advocate shopping for a solid mat or one thing you can fold out to take off your drone from. You might even see some skilled drone pilots taking off and touchdown from their very own hand… But don’t attempt that transfer till you’ve obtained way more expertise flying a drone!

7. Utilize the Return to Home Feature
Out of all capabilities to master whenever you discover ways to fly a drone, this may be the most important! The return to residence button does precisely what you assume it would. Simply press it and your drone will come flying again to you.

This is very useful when you lose sight of the drone (happens more than you think) or when you’re running out of battery. Set the return home altitude to something low or it will go capturing up into the sky unnecessarily. Additionally, you’ll want to confirm you set it to the place you’re standing earlier than taking off.

8. Experiment with Quick Shots
For photographers, the fast pictures characteristic will become your best pal after studying how to fly a drone! Choose from a number of fast shots once the drone is already in the air, and it will carry out the chosen sample.

Some of our favorites embrace the circle, boomerang, and rocket! This means it’s going to auto-fly around you and take pictures with out controlling it.

9. Check Your Settings
Always check to ensure your settings are correct before flying a drone! You don’t wish to get it up within the air and understand you probably did something mistaken, need to land again, and have to start all over.

Here are some of the most basic settings to verify when learning how to fly a drone:

* Calibrate
* Shoot in 4k
* Set Return Home Altitude
* Take the Plastic Cover off the Camera
* Review Drone Rules for Area

10. Watch Tutorials on App & Youtube
Before you even take off for the first time you’ll wish to watch some informational videos for the way to fly a drone. Lucky for you, there are actually hundreds of them out there!

We suggest beginning with the videos that include your affiliated app. Then whenever you need extra particular instruction merely look up a “how-to” video on youtube. You’d be stunned how a lot time you’ll save as an alternative of attempting to figure it out your self.

eleven. Don’t Go Out of Range
Aside out of your battery being low, that is the alert that no drone pilot ever desires to see! If you get a warning that your drone has lost sign you’ll need to instantly convey it to a lower altitude towards you.

Technically the drone is meant to return home mechanically when it loses sign. Still, we’ve heard so many horror tales of individuals getting the lost sign alert after which never seeing their drone again! Keep it at a secure distance if potential.

12. Weather Warnings
The last of our suggestions for flying a drone is to regulate the climate. Ideally, you’ll need clear and sunny skies for pictures and video content anyway, but that’s not the one reason to contemplate the weather.

Flying a drone in high winds or rain isn’t a good suggestion. This is just another probability to lose sign or have something heartbreaking happen. If you may have any reservations concerning the climate know that it’s not worth it.

Have any questions about tips on how to study to fly a drone or want to share your own drone rules and tips? Leave us a remark below!

Safe Travels,
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