Tiffen Black Pro Mist Review Is This The One

On my several-year quest in search of the right mist filter, I’ve lastly received my arms on the Tiffen Black Pro-Mist.

The Black Pro-Mist 1/4 Filter by Tiffen is an excellent software for controlling the brightness of highlights and barely reducing the general contrast to reduce a few of the medical results of contemporary lenses as properly as adding bloom to any highlights.

Cinematographers and photographers for years have used these filters to melt facial wrinkles and other pores and skin imperfections for a more polished look but now they’ve become well-liked for casual shooters and particularly avenue photographers looking to add somewhat character to their photographs.

Unlike other diffusion or delicate focus filters, the Pro-Mist preserves the image’s particulars and readability. The 1/4 density possibility strikes a balance between contrast reduction and spotlight management, producing a mild, pastel-like quality of light that is extra intense than the 1/8 density but gentler than the half of density.

So what do I take into consideration the Black Pro-Mist? I like it, and proper now it’s my most popular filter, dethroning the Moment Cinebloom filter which is also very nice.

Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter 1/4 – Amazon / Adorama / B&H

ISO 900, f2.5, 1/160For this review and pattern photos, I’m utilizing the Black Pro-Mist 1/4 energy 62mm threads on a Nikon 50mm f.18 S for consistency and have additionally added a few 40mm f2 photographs.

Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter Review
After years of testing these totally different manufacturers of filters and laying them all out and intently taking a look at them, all of them appear to be pretty similar with delicate differences, with the main difference being how they classify their power and the sort of particles they use. When the filters are stronger with large particles they have a tendency to look soiled.

Another huge distinction is that if the filters are multi-coating or single coating on them or not. For instance, Kenko filters have an almost bluish multi-coating to them, the K&F filters have a gentle coating to them with no solid, and the Tiffen and Moment Cinebloom filters appear to be uncoated.

The Tiffen black pro mist filter I have is the 1/4 energy. They’re slightly expensive so I didn’t organize them in a quantity of strengths however I’m liking the place 1/4 is at.

As far as which energy is the best, I may in all probability go together with the half of energy if I was capturing more within the daylight, and drop to 1/8 if I was shooting extra in very brilliant lighting like automotive headlights shining into the digital camera. The 1/4 is about proper where I need it for general everyday evening road taking pictures with a little bit of an impact that’s not too obvious and not too annoying additionally the 1/8 energy would likely be an excellent choice.

ISO 2800, f2, 1/200 – with Lensbaby Omni PrismCompared To Other Filters
Compared to the Moment Cinebloom filter – Tiffen and Cinebloom filters are fairly related in what they do and I wouldn’t say one filter is clearly better than the other. They both are manufactured from brass, and they each are uncoated. The main difference between the Black Pro-Mist and the Cinebloom filter is the particle kind.

Tiffen Black Pro mist is utilizing the Black Halation Diffusion system, they’ve a number of filters utilizing this technology. The Black Diffusion FX, Black Net, Black Pro-Mist, Black Satin, Black Pearlescent, Black Glimmerglass.

Tiffen additionally has a class of White Halation Diffusions where you discover their Glimmerglass, Pearlescent, Pro-Mist, and Satin. My guess is that the Moment Cinebloom can additionally be using a White Halation Diffusion, since I do not clearly see black particles. Also the Moment Cinebloom filter additionally has a barely warmer solid to it and blocks barely much less mild with more of a spread-to-the-mist effect.

The Tiffen Black Pro-Mist filter appears to have a barely tighter halation.

You can go to Tiffen’s website to see all the totally different technologies they use.

ISO 2200, f2, 1/200Compared to the K&F filter (see review)- the K&F uses the black mist particle system but the particles appear bigger or the filters are just a lot stronger. These filter can be coated to scale back reflection and is made of aluminum for a cheaper feel.

It’s a good selection for an inexpensive filter, however you do risk it getting jammed on your lens due to the aluminum construction, and the bigger particles do render virtually a moist effect. You’ll want to order this filter a lighter energy if you want to match the 1/4 impact of the Tiffen Black Pro-Mist. 1/4 with the K&F may be too strong for general use and even the 1/8 K&F filters have larger more visible particles.

Compared to the Kenko filter – Kenko uses a very related particle sort to the Tiffen Black Pro-Mist – I’m additionally seeing black particles. The Tiffen 1/4 power is barely stronger than the Kinko 05 Power. The Kenko filter has a warmer forged like the Cinebloom however has a light coating to it. Its housing is manufactured from aluminum.

Before I had the Tiffen Black Pro-Mist filter, my favorite filter was the Moment Cinebloom 10% filter. Today I’m leaning extra towards the Tiffen Black Pro-Mist as my choice. I assume both filters are great, I can’t say one is significantly higher as they do just about a very comparable factor and I haven’t carried out any side-by-side comparisons yet. It does seem like the Tiffen filter with the bigger size black particles retains a barely tighter halation to the highlights than the Moment Cinebloom which creates extra of a mist. I’m liking the higher halation because it feels extra controlled.

Both filters are made with brass and both filters look to be uncoated.

You can see my second cinebloom filter evaluate to check.

ISO 1600, f2.5, 1/125 ISO 1100, f2.5, 1/160

Build Quality
Tiffen doesn’t determine where their glass comes from. K&F sources their filters from a quantity of areas, typically it’s Germany and generally it’s Japan. My guess is Tiffen can be doing something comparable as they don’t specify and they don’t guarantee exact high quality between filters in the Q&A part I was studying on the B&H web site.

Also, I can not find any documentation on what metallic the filter is produced from. It looks like a softer steel like brass which is what the Moment Cinebloom filter customers. It doesn’t feel like the chilly harsh aluminum of the K&F or Kenko filters which can get caught in your lens.

The Tiffen filter doesn’t look to have any coatings as it’s casting the identical quantity of reflection because the Moment filter, whereas the Kenko filters and K&F filters are coated.

These filters use ColorCore technology, a method that entails sandwiching the filter material between two sheets of optical glass, grinding them flat with a precision of 1/10,000th of an inch, and eventually, mounting the glass onto precise metal rings.

ISO 500, f1.8, 1/140Bottom Line
Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter, is it price it?

Yes, this is a nice filter. I light the tighter virtually Cinestill 800T halation impact that it produces. The build high quality is sweet and the non-coated surfaces assist create some good luminance which can further feed the particle impact.

ISO 2000, f2.5, 1/125These filters are slightly bit costlier than the opposite brands, however there’s a good reason for that. For one, the filter ring is of higher high quality than a few of the cheaper brands. While that looks as if an unnecessary luxurious, you’ll remorse not having this improved materials when your aluminum filter gets jammed on your lens. Luckily I’ve always been in a place to get them off, however I’ve not always been so fortunate with other optics in the past.

The Mist of the 1/4 is a really nice look and I really just like the balance. While I’ve nonetheless but to try their Glimmer glass, I will probably use this Black Pro-Mist as my every day driver for when I need a mist filter. Originally my favorite was the Moment Cinebloom but now I’m leaning slightly extra towards this filter. Both are nice filters and the upper costs do mirror the standard.

In these samples, I’m using the Tiffen Black Pro-Mist filter with the Lensbaby Omni Creative Filter Crystals on the Nikon 4omm lens for a pretty traditional feel. I also have an LED mild stick on the aspect that I use for some lighting.

Tiffen Black Pro Mist Filter Sample Images
Shot with the Nikon Z6 and the 50mm f1.eight. Filter power was 1/4.

The orange sepia colours are a part of my core shade pack. The green-blue colours are part of a new sequence I’m engaged on that won’t be available anytime soon.

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