Skydio 2+ Was Officially Released


Skydio 2+ comes with brand new pop-up antennas. They provide a more reliable and longer connection. The antennas are with a 5 GHz Wi-Fi radio signal. This is a big plus, for sure. The old model was able to receive signals at 1 mile/1.5 kilometers. The new one can receive them at 1.9 miles/3 kilometers.

Battery life- Extended

The new drone has also extended battery life. It is increased by 20% of capacity compared to the Skydio 2. The flight time is now 27 minutes. The old parameter was 24 minutes. The other big advantage is that the batteries of Skydio 2+ and completely compatible with these of Skydio 2.

The price of the brand new Skydio2+

At the start, this drone is selling for around $1,099.


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