How To Put In An Inner SSD On Your PS5

Over a yr after it first went on sale, the PS5 got a function that was revealed earlier than it got here out – the ability to take on a further inner M.2 SSD for extra quick storage.

With about 825GB of SSD house out of the box, and only around 667GB of that really accessible to players because of the OS taking up room, getting more room is something that loads of folks might be actually keen on. It’s not the only process but we’re here to stroll you thru how to get it carried out.


1. Choose a suitable SSD
First up, you want to know that only sure SSDs are actually going to work with the PS5 internally – they have to be an M2 drive, and even more crucially they want to match into the slot they’re allotted to, with a heatsink connected.

Pocket-lint For now, we now have two high recommendations to go along with. First, there’s the Seagate FireCuda 530. This is a lightning-fast drive that shoots previous all of Sony’s requirements on the speed front, and happily also has a small enough heatsink that it’ll fit.

Pocket-lint Secondly, you could additionally go together with the SN850 from WD_Black, which equally is greater than quick enough to work with Sony’s requirements, and also has a diminutive heatsink – either is a good selection, although Sony has clarified that even the quickest drives might not carry out exactly like the PS5’s own commonplace SSD.

2. Make certain you’re on the proper system software
SSD growth is available to all customers now, after having been limited to those enrolled in Sony’s beta testing system. So, all you have to do is make positive that you’re on the newest system software possible.

You can tell whether you have a software program replace ready for you by visiting this part of the settings menu in your console:

Pocket-lint 3. Turn off your PS5 and unplug it
Next up, you may need to absolutely energy down your PS5 by holding its energy button for 3 seconds. Leave it to cool down for a couple of minutes, then unplug it fully. This’ll have you prepared to put in your SSD.

four. Open your PS5’s cowl
You’ll need the PS5 laying on a delicate floor with the disc drive aspect facing upward (so upside-down compared to the method it normally rests). Then, with a bit of drive, you can lever the white cowl off the PS5 by gripping it at the top nook and lifting it up while sliding it towards the base.

It’s a little finicky so don’t exert too much pressure – when you pull it outward a bit and slide it down toward the bottom screw hole of the PS5, you should be ready to click it off. This will show you the slot for the SSD, though it’ll be coated by a metal plate, as you can see beneath.

Pocket-lint 5. Remove the slot’s cover and click on in your SSD
You can easily unscrew this cowl utilizing a cross-head screwdriver, letting you see the slot for the SSD.

Pocket-lint Then it is a fairly simple matter of clicking the SSD into place and securing it utilizing the screw and spacer that you are going to discover within (they’re on the finish of the slot marked with 110).

The size of your SSD will determine the place the screw and spacer safe it, and it ought to be pretty apparent once you click the SSD into its slot. You’ll find it best when you click it into its housing on the base, as within the picture above, then safe it from the other end.

You’ll need the spacer underneath the SSD, and the screw to undergo the semi-circular housing on the SSD’s finish, to secure it in place.

Pocket-lint 6. Close your PS5 up and format your drive
From right here, it is about going again in reverse. Once your SSD is secure, you can screw the duvet for its slot again into place. Then you presumably can reattach the white plastic aspect of the PS5, sliding it into place till it clicks solidly, then hook it all back up to energy and your TV.

If you’ve got done every little thing proper, powering on the PS5 ought to ship you to a formatting display to set your drive up. Once that course of is full, in under a minute from our experience, you may be free to take pleasure in your expanded storage and neglect in regards to the days of deleting video games all the time.

If any of these steps are unclear, in the meantime, you can check out Sony’s extraordinarily detailed information page here, which additionally accommodates really granular breakdowns of exactly what kind of SSD you may wish to buy, in case our two suggestions aren’t to your tastes.

How to install your personal heatsink on an SSD
You might rightly conclude that the cheapest approach to get your self an M.2 SSD for the PS5 could be to purchase a model with no heatsink, then attach a third-party heatsink your self before becoming it using the steps above, and you’d be proper.

It’s not as troublesome as it sounds, both. We’ll stroll you through it beneath, utilizing XPG’s Gammix S70 Blade for example, since it ships with the heatsink not but attached, and greater than exceeds Sony’s velocity requirements.

The most important factor right here is measurement – just remember to get a heatsink and SSD mixture that will not exceed Sony’s dimension requirements, as laid out in that detailed guide on its web site.

1. Unpack your SSD and get your heatsink prepared
Pocket-lint Check which side of your SSD you’ll be attaching your heatsink to – it’s the facet with the storage on, although in case your SSD is double-sided you want to just go along with whichever has more storage areas. In the case of the Gammix S70 Blade, a sticker is attached to a minimal of one facet to cease you from by chance putting in the heatsink on there, which is handy (although it also must be peeled off before it goes in your console).

2. Peel off the adhesive sticker out of your heatsink
Peeling back the sticker in your heatsink will expose the adhesive that will stick the part onto your SSD.

Pocket-lint 3. Attach the heatsink fastidiously to your SSD
From there it is a easy but precise matter of sticking the heatsink down onto the SSD gently however firmly. You can line up the notch in one finish with the notch in your SSD to ensure that you’ll have the ability to fix it in place in your PS5 when you come to put in it.

Pocket-lint Make positive that you simply align it straight, and you’ll be all completed – the drive is now able to be installed in your PS5, following the steps we outlined additional up. So long as your heatsink is sized appropriately to fit into the growth slot in your console, you may be having fun with expanded storage very soon.

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