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Drone piloting is a combination of pleasure and skill, a lesson very well understood by the GPTOYS F2C quadcopter manufacturers.

This quadcopter is fit for intermediate users, but more advanced users will surely like it as well. There is more to this drone than it meets the eye.

It has great photo/video capabilities, being capable of capturing crystal-clear pictures. Read on to learn more about this drone and to get useful tips on using the remote control and on flying it.

GPTOYS F2C Remote Control Quadcopter Drone Main Features & Specs

GPTOYS F2C Remote Control Quadcopter Drone

The GPtoys f2x Aviax Remote Control Quadcopter Drone Helicopter with Transmitter & Gyro System & HD camera & LED lights & 4G SD Card & SD card reader is powered by four brushed motors which support the coreless technology.

This added feature reduces the chances of the engines becoming overheated during multiple sessions and also protects them from any heat-related damage.

As an extra feature, the manufacturer added four fan guards, in order to protect the propeller blades from mechanical damage.

GPTOYS F2C Remote Control Quadcopter Drone Specs
8-12 minOutdoorsHD 2.0 MP, 1080px720p3.7 V 650 mAh Li-Po100 min3.5 pounds10.8×10.8×3.7 inches100 m

The GPtoys F2C from Aviax has amazing photo/video capabilities thanks to the 2.0 MP, 1080px720p, camera affixed on its ventral part. Unfortunately, with no FPV nor smartphone support, you will not be able to see the pics or clips until you download them on a computer or tablet using the included micro USB cable.

However, it does have an integrated 4GB memory card, which is more than enough to store favorite moments spent outdoors.

As far as stabilization is concerned, the drone is outfitted with a 6-axis gyro stabilization system and a headless mode.

For those who are fans of night piloting, the quadcopter comes outfitted with four bright LEDs, which will help with keeping track of the drone.

Arguments: Pros and Cons

Arguments: GPTOYS F2C Aviax Quadcopter Pros:

  • Easy to fly;
  • Responsive controls;
  • HD-ready camera;
  • Enhanced stability;
  • Decent battery life;
  • LED lights.

GPTOYS F2C Aviax QuadcopterCons:

  • Limited transmission range;
  • Can’t attach a smartphone to the remote;
  • No FPV support;

GPtoys F2C Drone Remote Control & Set-up for First Flight

Below we will first give a quick rundown of the drone’s remote control, and then tell you how the drone perform in our makeshift course.

Remote Control

We have to admit that quadcopter’s RC looks pretty neat considering the fact that the GPtoys F2C costs under $100. Its design kind of reminded us of the movie Transformers. Now as for the remote itself, it contains three major parts.

The upper part of the remote control contains the 2.4 GHz transmission antenna in the middle, the 3D flip button on the left side, and the 20%, 40%, 60%, and also the 100% key on the right side.

Moreover, the upper part of the RC also contains a cool-looking blue LED power indicator.

The middle part of the remote control contains two stick-like controllers coated with a special anti-slipping material.

Right next to each controller there are four left-turn/right-turn trimming buttons, and the power switch right in the middle.

GPTOYS F2C Aviax Quadcopter

Using spread spectrum technology for further remote distance the best anti-interference ability.

In the bottom part, there are the cruise control and the headless mode buttons on the left side and the light control and video/photo mode buttons on the right side.

The central part of the bottom section is occupied by an LCD, which is capable of displaying useful in-flight information such as the battery, signal strength, stick modes, channels, light control, speed, left-turn/right-turn trimming and photo/video shoot.

Flying the Drone

Taking into account the fact that the GPtoys F2C is a little too big to fly indoors, we took it outside for a little spin. The day was bright and clear and the wind speed did not exceed 8-9 miles per hour.

After mounting the battery on the drone and switching it on, the quadcopter came to life, emitting a low-intensity bumblebee-like noise. We expected the drone to be noisier, considering its size, but it was surprisingly silent.

So, after lightly hitting the left rudder, the GPtoys F2C took off with little deviation from its trajectory. The first thing we’ve noticed is just how stable this drone can be. In fact, we did not do anything in order to correct its path.

GPTOYS F2C Remote Control Quadcopter

However, after taking it for its first spin, we’ve noticed something we did not like that much: its transmission range. With other drones we’ve tested we could have sent them to 400 meters without a problem, but not with this drone.

Upon running the math, we’ve figured out that after you exceeding 100 meters, the RC starts to lose signal pretty fast.

On more than one occasion we’ve actually managed to lose control of the drone for this reason, and naturally, the UAV came crashing into the nearest obstacle.

Still, thanks to its sturdy airframe, the drone did not suffer any irreparable damage. As for the actual flying, the GPtoys F2C is very responsive to controls, and it handles marvelously around obstacles.

We even manage to fly it a couple of times under a truck and a swing. All in all, we have to confess that the GPtoys f2c is a great quadcopter, being easy to fly and to assemble.

What’s in the box?

Below you will see everything you will find in the delivery box, accessories included:

  • GPToys F2x quadcopter drone;
  • Detachable HD camera;
  • Remote control;
  • USB charging cable;
  • 4G SD Card (inside the camera);
  • The battery;
  • 4 Blades;
  • User Manual;
  • Screwdriver.

Our Verdict

To conclude, it is obvious that the manufacturer focused more on making a drone that’s easy to fly, rather than a complex one, with lots of bells and whistles. It’s no Bebop Parrot, nor a Walkera QR X350 Pro, but the GPtoys F2C manages to rise above expectations.

Still, we did not like the fact that the drone’s flight is limited in terms of transmission range, the manufacturer could have included some sort of early-warning system to notify users that their drone is about to exit the transmission area and the drone is in immediate danger of crashing into the ground.

Even so, it was fun flying the GPtoys F2C Aviax, have you ever flown one? Let us know in the comments below!


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