All DJI Goggles Reviewed With Features Specs And Drone Compatibility

This DJI Goggles evaluate covers the options, specifications of the original DJI Goggle, the Racing Edition (RE) and the DJI Digital FPV system. We additionally cover drone compatibility, the differences between each DJI Goggle and what each goggle is for use for.

We begin off trying on the features of the DJI Goggle, then the Racing Edition and final of all of the DJI Digital FPV transmission system. At the tip we’ve all of the DJI Goggle specs in a pleasant comparability table. Along the way, there are some terrific DJI Goggle movies.

To totally understand FPV goggle specifications, corresponding to Field Of Vision (FOV), Interpupillary Distance (IPD), Video Resolution, Optics and Digital Head Tracking, then learn our article on the most effective fpv goggles for drones, which explains these applied sciences.

DJI Goggle Review & Features
DJI Goggle Overview
The original DJI Goggle, launched in April 2017 works with almost all the DJI shopper and professional drones, apart from the Mavic 2 Enterprise, Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Mini. This standard DJI Goggles have a stay view of 720p at 60 fps and a close vary of 1080p at 30 fps. The latency may be as little as a hundred and ten ms.

Using DJI’s OcuSync wi-fi transmission system, four devices may be linked concurrently. The antennas are constructed into the scarf providing you with 360° of coverage, with a dependable connection, even if the quadcopter is flying behind you.

DJI Goggle Drone Compatibility
The DJI Goggle are appropriate with the following quadcopters;

* Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom
* Mavic Pro
* Mavic Air
* Spark
* Phantom three Advanced
* Phantom four Series
* Inspire Series (1 & 2)

The DJI Goggle doesn’t work with the Mavic 2 Enterprise, Mavic Air 2 or the Mavic Mini.

Goggle Resolution
DJI Goggles have two 1920 x 1080 screens giving more than twice the quantity of pixels of a typical 2k FPV goggle.

DJI Head Tracking
Your head actions management can both the drone yaw and camera tilt, using the Head Tracking Flight mode. It is as easy as turning your head left or proper to yaw left or right, and straighten your head to cease turning. In Head Tracking Gimbal mode solely the gimbal will transfer without affecting yaw.

Goggle Touchpad
On the facet of the DJI Goggles is a touchpad to offer entry to many intelligent options.

DJI FPV Goggle Latency
Low video latency is an important feature to have in your FPV goggle. Video latency is the period of time between the moment a body is captured by the quadcopter digicam and the instant that body is exhibited to your FPV goggle.

Even with out flying using goggles, the latency from the drone digital camera to the remote controller or flying app is essential. What you are seeing in your goggles is at all times a fraction behind what the digicam on the drone is capturing.

Long video latency just isn’t best and might trigger problems when flying in areas where there is trees and shrubs etc or any obstacles. In drone racing, it is important to have very low video latency.

Here is the desk, which shows you the video latency from the various DJI quadcopters to the DJI Goggle, which can also be the identical latency on the DJI Goggle Racing Edition.

QuadcopterDJI Goggle / DJI Goggle REMavic 2 Series140 ms
720p @ 60 fps

video format:
1080 @ 60 fps

Mavic Pro110 ms
720p @ 60 fps

video format:
720p @ one hundred twenty fps

Mavic Air180 ms
720p @ 30 fps

video format:
720p @ one hundred twenty fps

Spark150 ms
720p @ 30 fps

video format:
720p @ 30 fps

Phantom four Pro+ & Phantom 4 V 2.0110 ms
720p @ 60 fps

video format:
720p @ one hundred twenty fps

Phantom four Pro & Advanced series150 ms
720p @ 60 fps

video format:
720 @ 60 fps /720p @ 120 fps

Phantom 4167 ms
720p @ 30 fps

video format:
720p @60 fps

Inspire 2 with X5S Camera140 ms
720p @ 60 fps,

video format:
1080 p @ a hundred and twenty fps

Inspire 2 with X4S Camera190 ms
720p @ 60 fps

video format:
1080p @ 60 fps

DJI Fixed-Wing Mode
If you may have the older authentic Mavic Pro, then you’ll find a way to fly using the DJI Goggles in Fixed-Wing clever flight mode. The DJI Mavic neighborhood have been pretty disappointed that Fixed-Wing mode isn’t on the Mavic Air, Mini or Mavic 2 drones.

In this mode, the drone doesn’t flip left or right but as a substitute flies ahead with enough rotational motion for practical flight simulation. Combined with Head Tracking Mode, you ought to use your head to control the Mavic Pro for a completely realized flight expertise.

An AR trajectory prediction function in Fixed-Wing Mode makes using this mode in complex environments safer. Other Intelligent Flight Modes embody Terrain Follow, ActiveTrack, TapFly, Cinematic Mode and Tripod Mode.

DJI Goggle Price
The DJI Goggles worth is USD 349 on Amazon.

DJI Goggle Review Of Racing Edition (RE)
DJI Goggle RE Features Overview
The DJI Goggles RE was designed for racing drones, which require low latency, stability and clarity of the live video feed. This DJI Goggle Racing Edition is appropriate with an OcuSync video transmission module and a high-performance camera module. These work together to transmit digital video sign from as a lot as 7 km away with latency as little as 50 ms, along with analog signal.

The OcuSync Video Transmission Module offers 2.4 and 5.eight GHz twin band digital video transmission with latency as low as 50 ms and a most management vary of up to 7 km. The low latency can be gained when transmission resolution is set to 480p at 2.four GHz.

DJI OcuSync Camera & OcuSync Air Unit
If you want to use the DJI RE Goggle with other quadcopters or floor robots and so forth, then the OcuSync Air Unit and OcuSync Camera make it potential.

The DJI OcuSync digital camera suitable with DJI Goggles RE, uses a 1/3” image sensor, offering much larger resolution video transmission than most analog FPV goggles on the market.

The OcuSync digicam additionally makes use of a world shutter, which scale back rolling shutter barrel impact, caused by excessive frequency vibration. Also, with a 148° FOV low distortion lens, it delivers a large, pure looking digicam view.

With such an advanced digital camera, customers can record an entire flight for analysis or sharing.

OcuSync Air Unit Specifications
* 2.4 GHz/5.eight GHz dual-frequency transmission
* FHSS and up to 19 mounted channels
* High resolution video transmission as much as 1280 × 960 at 50 fps
* Minimum latency: As low as 50 milliseconds with a setting of 480p at 50 fps
* Max transmission vary: Up to 7 km (2.four GHz unobstructed)

OcuSync Camera Specifications
* Sensor: 1/3 inch CMOS
* Pixels: 1.2 million
* Lens: 2.sixty five mm, f/
* Lens Group: 6G + IR
* Shutter: Global shutter
* ISO: a hundred – * FOV: 148° (D); 111° (H); seventy nine.5° (V)

DJI Goggle versus DJI Goggle RE
The DJI Goggle RE has all the identical options of the DJI Goggle and consists of the follow extra features;

* The new DJI Goggles RE also support the 5.8 GHz band, which may avoid interference on the extra crowded 2.4 GHz.
* The DJI Racing Edition goggle has redesigned the internal linear polarized omnidirectional antennas. DJI also added a brand new external Pagoda antenna, a 5.eight GHz single frequency omnidirectional left hand circularly polarized (LHCP) antenna.
* Racing Edition Goggles has restructured the radio communication strategy and video decoding algorithm. This lowers the transmission latency to 50 ms (with wi-fi transmission latency of lower than 10 ms), making certain smooth and reliable video transmission. This additionally avoids video lag and disconnection from the digital video transmission system when working in a traditional setting.
* The Racing Edition DJI Goggle helps analog transmission at any integer frequency between 5.650 – 5.925 GHz and analog video storage on a Micro SD card.
* Supports local video playback and Sphere pano viewing, permitting customers to show their head to get a 360° view of the Sphere pano.
* The facial pad has been redesigned and the scarf has used new replaceable leather materials to make it much more comfy to wear.

DJI Goggle RE Latency
The Racing Edition latency for the assorted DJI quadcopters is identical as the usual goggles lined in the above chart.

Digital & Analog Transmission
In addition to HD digital transmission, DJI Goggles RE provide analog transmission by way of their SMA port.

Choice Of Transmission Channels
Manually select from 12 low interference transmission channels.

Automated Channel Switching
The OcuSync Module will quickly and automatically swap between the 2.four and 5.eight GHz channels when it encounters wireless interference. This permits for unobstructed transmission of the video feed.

Head Tracking & Extra Goggles
The Racing Edition DJI Goggle has all the head tracking options of the unique DJI Goggle. This consists of utilizing an additional pair of DJI Goggles RE, allowing another individual to additionally view the pilot’s FPV.

DJI Goggle RE Drone Compatibility
The DJI Goggles are compatible with the following quadcopters;

* Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom
* Mavic Pro
* DJI Mavic Air
* Spark
* Phantom 4 Series
* Inspire 2

The DJI Goggle RE doesn’t work with the Mavic 2 Enterprise, the latest Mavic Air 2 or the Mavic Mini.

DJI Goggle RE Price
Sale DJI Goggles Racing Edition 1080P HD Digital Video FPV Racing Goggles Drone World, Black * INCLUDES DJI Goggles Body Headband Pagoda Antenna (SMA Interface) Reversed SMA Connector Charger Wire Clip Micro USB Cable HDMI Cable and a Cleaning Cloth
* Compatible with DJI spark Mavic Phantom and encourage Series of drones
* Up to 50MS latency 12 channels out there 2 4 and 5 eight GHz dual-band video transmission
* 1280×960 at 50 fps 1280×720 at 60 fps 640×480 at 50 fps
* 148° Field of view Global shutter sensor eliminates jell effect

Click on the beneath links to get the latest prices from Amazon and DJI.

DJI Goggles RE value is USD 548 on Amazon.

DJI Goggle RE direct from DJI.

DJI FPV System Review And Features
The high definition DJI FPV Goggles and digital FPV transmission system with low latency, can be used on DIY drones, racing drones and robots. The DJI FPV system was launched in July 2019 and consists of the following DJI gadgets;

* Air Unit
* FPV Camera
* FPV Goggles
* Remote Controller

The DJI Air unit and camera are mounted onto the drone. These models are robust and deliver uninterrupted video, even when objects are clipped. The 8 channel distant controller permits eight drones to fly simultaneously, which is great for drone racing.

DJI FPV Air Unit
The DJI FPV Air unit is a high definition digital video transmission system with lengthy vary remote controller link. It is simple to put in and accommodates an inner recorder.

FPV Air Unit Specifications
* 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz dual frequency transmission
* FHSS (Frequency-hopping unfold spectrum) with as a lot as 19 mounted channels
* High-resolution video transmission up to 1280 × 960 at 50 fps
* Minimum latency: As low as 50 ms with a setting of 480p at 50 fps
* Max transmission vary: Up to 7 km using 2.four GHz and unobstructed view

DJI FPV Camera
The DJI FPV digital camera contains a 2.1 mm lens with the following specifications;

* Sensor: 1/3 2 inch CMOS
* Effective Pixels: 4 million
* Lens: 2.1 mm, f/2.1
* Shutter: Rolling shutter
* ISO: * FOV: 150°(D); 122°(H); 93°(V)
* Dimension: 22.1×21.1×20.1 mm
* Weight: eight.2 grams (0.29 ounces)

DJI FPV Goggles
The DJI FPV Goggles are very snug and display the live video in excessive definition and low latency. It includes an built-in video recorder. The low latency transmits stay video of 720p at one hundred twenty fps in four:three or 16:9 facet ratio.

The full specifications of the DJI FPV Goggles are within the beneath table.

FPV Goggle Supported Micros SD Cards
The DJI FPV Goggles supports Micro SD playing cards with a capacity as much as 128 GB and Read / Write as a lot as UHS-I Speed Grade 3. Examples are the 16, 32, sixty four, 128 GB Sandisk Extreme V30 cards.

DJI Remote Controller
This 8 channel remote controller could be configured through the FPV Goggles. Using the HDL protocol, this DJI FPV remote controller has a 4 km (2.48 miles) most control range and a latency as little as 7 ms.

This system is ideal for racing drones allowing for eight drones to fly collectively, each utilizing any 1 of the eight obtainable channels.

* Weight: 765 grams (27 ounces)
* Operating Frequency: 5.725 – 5.850
* Max Transmission Distance: 2.48 mile (4 km)
* Operation Temperature: 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)
* Operation Current/Voltage: 0.6 A @ 7.6 V

DJI FPV System Price
You can find the latest DJI FPV System value deal right here on Amazon, which includes the Goggles, Air Unit, FPV camera and Remote Controller.

DJI Digital immersive FPV System with Air Unit Module, FPV Camera, FPV Goggles * 【HD Image Quality,Instant Playback】DJI FPV Goggles support and document in 720p/60fps and feature a 720p/120fps HD stay view. This high-quality decision is paired with a latency within 28 ms, delivering a transparent view and quick efficiency.Videos recorded and saved on the microSD card can be replayed immediately through DJI FPV Goggles.
* 【Compatible with Analog Video Transmission,Broadcasting Supported】The DJI Digital FPV System can be used with analog image transmission, permitting customers to modify between AV and digital video transmissions.Pilots can share digital camera views with other DJI FPV Goggles that are set to Audience mode, permitting viewers to see what the racers see.
* 【8 Channels, eight Drones,Multi-Antenna Technology】The DJI FPV Air Unit is supplied with eight frequency channels, which permits up to eight drones to fly concurrently. It has two antennas, each of that are receivers and transmitters, making certain broader signal coverage for dependable picture transmission.
* 【Dynamic Filming Capabilities】Standard mode reduces colour loss and preserves extra unique particulars, enhancing daytime picture quality.In Racing mode the picture distinction will increase, helping pilots to tell apart obstacles all through the course.LED mode reduces noise and will increase the colour saturation on LED lights which would possibly be constructed into racing gates and other obstacles on the track.
* 【Immersive Experience, Designed for Comfort】Enjoy an engrossing viewing expertise that places you within the heart of a fast-paced FPV racing world. An industrial design makes the DJI FPV Goggles comfortable to use, even for glasses-wearers. DJI additionally offers custom-made myopia lenses for users with nearsightedness.

All DJI Goggle Specifications
Here is the DJI Goggle specification and comparability chart for the original goggle, the Racing Edition and the Digital FPV system.

DJI Goggle Comparison & Specifications Chart
The follow desk incorporates the specifications for the DJI Goggle, the RE mode and the DJI FPV Goggle.

DJI GogglesDJI Goggles REDJI Digital FPV SystemWeight995 grams (35 ounces)1002 grams (35.35 ounces)420 grams (14.81 ounces)DimensionsGoggles: 195×155×110 mm

Headband(Folded): 255×205×92 mm

DJI Goggles RE Body: 195 × 155 × one hundred ten mm;

Headband (folded):255 × 205 × ninety two mm

202×126×110 mm (antennas included)

184×122×110 mm (antennas excluded)

Screen Size5-inch × 22-inch × 2FOV85° (single screen)85° (single screen)30° to 54°Interpupillary Distance Range (IPD58 – 70 mm58 – 70 mm mmRefresh rate60 Hz60 Hz120 HzScreen Resolution3840 ×1080

(single screen: 1920×1080) × (single display screen: 1920 × 1080) × 810Head TrackingDrone YAW and digital camera tiltcontrol gimbal cameraNoneOperating Frequency2.4 GHz2.four GHz
5.eight GHz
5. .850 GHzMax.Transmission DistanceSame because the plane connected2.4 GHz – 4.35 mile (7 km)

5.eight GHz – 2.48 mile (4 km)

up to 2.forty eight miles (4 km)Video Downlink Resolution / Live View Modes1080p at 30 fps,
720p at 60 fps,
720p at 30 fps

1080p at 30 fps,
720p at 60 fps,
720p at 30 fps

720p at one hundred twenty fps,
720 at 60 fps
Video Downlink LatencySee separate desk belowSee separate table belowSee separate desk belowVideo FormatMP4 (Video format: H.264)Battery Capacity9440 mAh9440 mAhExternal power equipped required using an enter voltage of 7.four – 17.6v.Battery Energy35.44 Wh6 hrsMax Operating Time6 hrs6 hrsOperating Temperature Range32°F (0°C) – 104°F (40°C)32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)Input / Output (I/O) InterfaceMicro USB
three.5mm audio
HDMI type-D
Micro SD card

Micro USB
three.5 mm Audio
Micro SD Card

Reverse Polarity SMA
DC5.5 x 2.1 energy
three.5 mm audio
microSD Card

HDMI SupportedHDMI 1.4b, HDCP 1.4HDMI 1.4b, HDCP 1.4NoSensorsGyroscope, Accelerometer, Proximity sensorGyroscope, Accelerometer, Proximity sensorChargerInput: VAC, 50/60 Hz. 0.5A

Output: 5V,3A ; 9V,2A;12V,1.5A

Input: VAC, 50/60 Hz. 0.5A

Output: 5V,3A ; 9V,2A;12V,1.5A

External power provided required utilizing an input voltage of seven.4 – 17.6v.More Information On DJI Goggles
If you require further data, right here is the link to the DJI Goggles page. Without doubt, flying a DJI drone with goggles is considered one of the finest experiences ever.

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